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9000 - Dollar scoop night

Long as I'm here to comment on Jenni's tickets, I thought I might add that (not-so) new van hit 9000 exactly as we were  parking in front of Baskin Robbins for dollar scoop night.

Editted cuz I suk at prof-reeden.
Mini me


Every time "new van" hits a milestone I think "Oh, gotta remember where we were when..." and then promptly forget within a couple days.  No more! (Or at least not this time. *g*)

4800 miles, Home Depot parking lot. Somehow appropriate. *g*
Mini me


I think the vacation fairy popped into my bedroom last night to say something about spending a lot of money tickets to Disneyland this summer. But I was on the verge of sleep, so it may have been my imagination.

Usually, though, my imagination it sounds more like Jensen Ackles and less like my mother.

Editted to add an s, 'cuz i sux @ the proofredin'