gayeld (gayeld) wrote,

Dancing With The Stars

Oh, don't look at me like that.  I only watch two "Reality" Show, Dancing With The Stars and Project Runway, andd this is the first time I've watched them in a while.  Anyway, you may want to save that look until later.

1. Noooooooooo! Misty is hurt and out of the competition. That totally sucks. I found her kind of scary (that whole Xena thing last week.) But she was a great dancer, I'm totally going to miss her.

2. (This is where you may want to pull out the look.) Despite never having listened to any, I think I may have a thing for Boy Band members. Drew Lachey is still my all time favorite. What I saw of last season (was it last season?) I was totally rooting for Joey Fatone. And now, I think I may have a crush on Lance Bass. *throwing up hands* I know. I don't understand it either.

3. Warren. Damn. Just, damn. My God, he is so freakin' graceful for someone his size. I'm just amazed.

4. Brooke. Okay, I know her name and her face, but I don't really know why. But I'm becoming a serious fan because she's just bringing the house down.

5. Cody. I have no idea who he is, never heard of him before, but I think I may want to adopt him.

6. Cloris. I love Cloris Leachman (and I still lust after her son, Morgan.) But for the love of God, please, please, please, let her be voted off the show. It's just painful to watch. It really is.
Tags: dancing with the stars, tv

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