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Mini me
They broke up Hodgins and Angela!  No! Not fair! *stomping foot* No, no, no, no, no!  Damn it.

*throwing temper tantrum*

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*passes chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream*

I'm so distraught.

Whipped cream? *holds out can*

I just don't--I can't--WHY?!? It's so cruel. They were what I loved best about the show. Since SEASON ONE and those little looks and--and--and-- *opening New York Super Fudge Chunk*

I hate them.

Um, will you still love me if I ask you what we're talking about?

There's pretty much nothing you can do that will make me stop loving and adoring you, dear.

We're talking about Angela and Hodgins on Bones. Forget the main characters (Bones and Booth,) Angie and Jack rocked. They were sweet and sexy and adorable and they spent three seasons building slowly and sweetly and just the way you want shows to, but they never do. And then they just RIPPED IT AWAY FROM US.


Think, think Starsky & Hutch finally, actually got together on screen and then after a season of perfect togetherness they broke them up over random stupidity.


That's just wrong!!!

I'm so sorry!

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