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The Big Chill
Oh crap

Crap. The State Fair starts Friday.

It's not that I'm opposed to the fair in general, I'm a big fan of any fair I don't have to spend 20 hours a day working at, it's just what it does to the traffic around Cal Expo. With all the freeways and streets and light rail and buses and whatnot to get around, there are still only a limited number of places to get over the river. When the fair arrives the traffic backs up for miles, all day long, which sends the locals around to all the other was to get over and backs them up more than usual as well. 

Then there are the tourists, who try to go places downtown and just don't get the one way streets. Not that watching them drive the wrong way doesn't have it's entertainment value, but that does have to balanced out with the potential to get run over trying to cross the street.

I wonder if I could telecommute until September?


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Telecommuting is a beautiful thing.

I remember hiding in my house during the Garlic festival when I was still a Californian.

*sigh* I volunteered to telecommute while I-5 was torn up. Tom laughed at me. Asshat. That's the problem with working for people who know where you live. *pout*

BTW, I was just getting ready to send you a welfare check. Good timing. *g*

State workers always get the shaft on the cool things like telecommuting and slipping out early without leaving a pint of blood behind. But then there is the whole early retirement thing, and then I stop feeling badly for you.

Production on the zines are done as of today. I'n done!!!!

Yes, but I did used to get those lovely long lunches. Now I have the supervisor in the cubicle across from mine. *sigh* I blame Tom for this, first for abandoning us downstairs (and boy, are the people who work for Cassandra pissed about that) and then for allowing me to be traded to Mandy.

Plus, well, the Terminator is official my boss and that, well, in the immortal words of Dean Winchester "That sucks outloud!"

*SQUEAL* Does that mean we get you back soon?

*scratching head* Umm, does that mean I need to get that RPS thing out of my system? (It pretty much is, but, you know, it's good to be sure.)

I think Dean's words are very apt. That does such outloud. Tom has some deep explaining to do.

And yes to both your last statements: I'll be able to play again soon, as soon as I'm back from MD., and RPS...yeah, needs to be way out of your system by then. You have two weeks. You can do it!

I have to give credit where it's due, Tom was very apologetic (and cringing) when he told me. But then he was around for the whole thing downstairs, I think he was fearing a reaction of those proportions. *rolling eyes* Like he (or anyone else in the building now) is likely to use Reese as a reason for anything. Aside from the fact that Tom was/is a friend, apparently they warned the whole frickin' building to never bring it up (Mandy told me today that she'd been told not to ask about it and she didn't work with me at the time.)

So noted.

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