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Mini me
God damn it! I let him do it to me again! Why did I let him do it to me again? I should know better. *banging head against desk* Wasn't season two of Buffy enough to show us all we should never, ever, ever, never trust him? That he likes to rip out heart and laugh while he does it.

*pout* I just finised part three of
Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.

He killed Penny. Totally unfair. Poor Dr. Horrible's heart is broken.

And they don't have any Dr. Horrible t-shirts in my size or any other.  Rat Bastards.

Is it too late to rename my cats?

Oh, and LiveJournal doesn't have Heartbroken as a mood choice, so I'm very not happy with them either.  *sticking out tongue*