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Plot twist Queen Goddess, yadda, yadda, whatever

So, you remember way, way back, during Troy's Place when I got crowned, um, whatever that Queen Goddess thing was (no, not the Bitch one, the Plot Twist one) because I was sort of, kind of, really evil?

There are people over at that list (SPNEpiFic) where I did the Plot Bunny dump who want me to give them more Plot Bunnies. Which is all fun and everything, but I can't help but wonder . . . should I warn them about the time I decapitated the guy with the exploding hot water heater?

Personally, I thought it was pretty funny. But I seem to recall the girl whose fictional boyfriend I killed getting very upset and thinking I wasn't a very nice person. *shrug*

Tags: bawls, clarissa, crystal, jenni, plot bunnies

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