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Finishing touch!
Mini me
I finally got my screen door (okay, security screen, whatever.)  I've only been waiting three years for this door! I bought a porch light to go with the door I wanted, but when we got down to the wire on the remodel, I had to sacrifice my door (temporarily) for the sake of other stuff.

Just look at my gorgeous door (and my beautiful daughter):


Check out the porch light while you're at it.  I really did have a plan:


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I've been on FB too long, I keep looking for a "like" button :P

Verrrry nice, I love the pattern! I'd like to see a pic of the lamp lit at night, bet it looks great :D

It did when the lamp worked right. One of the LEDs is going bad, so it flashes off and on constantly. I think I'm going to gut it and replace the fixture with a stronger light source.

We have a different pattern on the doors in the back, more Craftsman than Art Deco. But this is the one I have loved for years.

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