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Have I mentioned...
Mini me

I hate wasps.

13,000 on the way home from the Exploratorium (around Fairfield.)

12,000 pulling into the Arden Faire parking lot on my way to the Disney store where I scored an Elsa costume for someone's fifth birthday. Did the infamous drawing and everything.

I really hate wasps.

11,111 (no really) on the way home from swim lessons at the Y.

11,000 on the way to swim lessons at the Y.

*scratching leg* Wasps really suck.


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*passes Benadryl*

Also - she's gonna be FIVE???!?!? Holy crap.

Is 5. I bought the costume in May, her birthday was in June. Big party with her friends from Preschool (right before her last week there.) We had a bounce house and a lot of art project (that the kids couldn't've cared less about because Grandma got a bounce house.)

We were in San Francisco for her actual birthday and went on a boat ride (although that had less to do with her birthday and more to do with Riley visiting.)

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