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The 20.9% solution
Mini me
The problem with having your credit cards paid off (or maybe I should say the danger) is that there's all this COOL stuff out there that you don't really need, but that's COOL and stuff and you have all this room on your credit card (if not in your house) and... and...  And I really need to stay away from Hive Modern and Retro Glider and Fred.~

*sigh* You know if Katie Holmes hadn't already kicked Tom Cruise's ass so badly that he and his cult^ had already crawled away with their tails between their legs, I'd be busy reading all the latest gossip about their divorce instead of trying to spend my way back into debt.

~ I'm going to be strong and hold out for the WiiU (and shiny new controllers and games [ZombiU, I'm looking at you.] No expensive patio furniture for the twins and triplets [Grace and the puppies] to tear up.)

^ Come on, seriously, I loved "Battlefield Earth" when I was in high school, but the man wrote science FICTION, how was that not your first clue that this was all made up gibberish.  (Don't even get me started on how disappointed I was to find out Dianetics was not a new novel, but some cheesy "self-help" cult propaganda manual.)