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Plot bunnies
Plot bunny
You know, it's not that I don't enjoy a good plot bunny now and again, really. I just wish they'd occasionally give me a chance to finish something (three page missing scenes don't count) before spawning.  

Somewhere, in the middle of editting her zines and answering questions about SHareCon, Keri is laughing at me. I keep swearing I'm not starting anymore stories, no matter what! *hand on heart* and every time I send her a list of Supernatural WIPs (to pick which one I should work on) it's longer. I think I've started three more (possibly four) since I told her on Tuesday that I wasn't no way, no how, no ma'am, starting anymore stories until I finished at least some of the stories I have started. (God, and then there are all the TS, HP and BV ones that I'm pretending will finish themselves or go away. And, uh, maybe one Alias Smith and Jones one.)

But, it's not my fault my job is boring and I'm on the other side of the building from the women's restrooms now and . . . and . . . and there was this FBI Agent and he was standing outside Sam's dorm room and . . . *points at bunny* It's her fault.