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Can you say sucker?
Mini me
My kids can.  *sigh* Drusilla's done a runner.

Claire and Della

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Oh, wow! Look at that beauty! Yeah, mama's a sucker, but what can you do? Kids and animals...just a natural combo!

Weird you should post today since I was going to write you to ask if it's okay if I post your SH work to the new archive? M&T is kind of permanently bruised and the new archive is very pretty:)

Two beauties. Della and Claire. They're sisters.

*snort* You have my BLANKET permission to post my stories wherever you'd like.

There were two? I only saw one gorgeous yellow lab.

I love those names!

And thank you:)

Scroll sideways. *g* It's a very large picture.

Thanks. They're family names (actually, Grace was almost Claire.)

Of course they're family names, they're family dogs...and they're both gorgeous!

Here's your new page so far:


I have a few more to do:)

Love the zebra stripes on Archive.

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