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Kick me!
Mini me
Remember those "KICK ME!" signs that you and your friends used to put on each other's backs in grammar school?  Somebody has apparently put an invisible (at least to me) "HIT ME" sign on the back of my car because I was just rear-ended for the second time this year in that car.

Either that or there are a lot of Democrats out there opposed to Voldemort's candidacy.  Although, if it is that, why can't they hit the van instead, it has the same bumpersticker and needs to be replaced.

Also, what kind of idiot wears "driving shoes"?  Especially ones that apparently don't fit right.

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Hey, don't blame us because people are idiot drivers. *g*

And are you OK? Gracie wasn't in the car with you?

Oh. My. God! You were driving shoes?

Nah, munchkin was with Grandma because I had a doctor's appointment (you to can have hours of fun with Plantar Fac-however -you-spell-it.)

My pretty shiny new bumper cover (from the parking lot backing into a couple months ago) has a license plate shaped impression in it. And my neck and shoulder are a little stiff, but getting better. Mostly I'm just annoyed (but I did not yell at the 6'7" idiot that ran into me.)

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