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The 3/50 Project

1. Corti Bros.  (Yah! I went shopping there Friday.  I'll have to go by their deli sometime this week, as well.)

2. City Bicycle Works.  (I don't think I can afford to shop there once a month. Plus, where would I put all the bikes? But I will be looking and testing there when I get my massive tax refund.  Right before I spend it all paying off remodeling bills.)

3. Target doesn't count, does it?

3a.  Duh, I'm eating a salad from there right now.  Sacramento Natural Foods Coop.  (I'm pretty sure I spend at least $50 there a month already.)

3b. Jade Fountain (if I ate $50 worth of their food a month I wouldn't be able to fit through my beautiful new front door.)

Hmm, I'm going to have to come up with a third place I can shop regularly.

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