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Like clockwork

Somewhere it is written, "the messier Gayle is when she leaves the house for a quick errand, the more likely it is she'll run into someone she knows." 

I don't even have to tell my mother I ran into someone, just point out how I'm dressed when I get home, and she'll start cracking up and ask me who it was.

Yesterday, I ran to Target, just really quick, to grab some snacks (and milk, we always need milk) for the Oscar Pre-Show Party we were having with the kids (we got dressed up, so we could critic people who were dress much nicer than us.)  Didn't brush my hair.  Wore shorts and didn't shave my legs.

Ran into Victoria, who has three kids and still manages to always look put together.

And David. 

*sigh* At least I was wearing a bra.

LOVED Penelope Cruz' dress.  She was absolutely awesome. Grace Kelly couldn't have done better (too bad she wasn't around to coach her daughter-in-law.)
Tags: awesome, can't divorce yourself, dork, god hates me, uh oh, wtf?

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