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Criminal Minds

How is this show still on the air?  It has to be one of the worst thing I have ever seen.  And I lived through 70s TV.  I liked Three's Company!  Every single one of the characters is a cliche taken to the extreme.  There isn't an original plot to be seen and the stories are solid exposition from start to finish.  I'm pretty sure they haven't met a stereotype they didn't embrace with all their heart.

Why am I whining about it?  Mom likes it.  She likes the characters.  Which is my fault since I'm the one that rented it from Blockbuster online for her. But still, it sucks.  I keep trying to tell myself it could be worse, she could be watching the Sopranos from start to finish again. But mostly, I just want to move the computer back in my room so I can hide from the TV. I think Mom would like that too, since I keep leaning around the corner from the dining room going "Oh my God, that is so stupid. God, this show is stupid."

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