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Instant Karma's gonna get you

I probably shouldn't find this funny, since it don't involve my baby girl puking on herself, but literally seconds after I hit "POST," saying how my cranky upset toddler was Katore's problem to deal with, my phone rang.

"Hi, this is Kelli at the daycare. Your little one has just puked all over herself."

Puking's an instant, twenty-four hour, red card.  *sigh*  If I've told her once, I've told her a thousand times.  THURSDAY afternoon, Thursday! That way Mommy gets all of Friday off.

*looking around for lightning bolt* I shouldn't tempt fate like that. Last time she did get sick on Thursday, one of the twins got sent home sick at lunchtime Friday and I had two sick kids on my hands.
Tags: good love gone bad, gracie, instant karma, leverage, sick, twins, uh oh

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