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True to my word

The building fire alarm just went off in the middle of lunch.  Sadly, we did not get to go home for the day.  It was a malfunctioning alarm.  On a positive not, however, my supervisor (and the rest of my unit) now have proof-positive that I was perfectly serious all the times I said in the event of an emergency I did not care where we were supposed to meet, because I was going straight to the preschool and get my kid. 

The Princess and I, along with several of her dearest friends, had a lovely stroll to the parking lot across the street.  We hung out with the security guard and the guy gathering signatures (I have no idea for what,) praised Lady Margaret on what a good helper she was to the teachers, and generally just took in the lovely day. We followed this brief interlude with another short stroll.

Then I got out of Dodge and left Katore to deal with my now cranky (at having to go back to school) two-year who had her nap interrupted.
Tags: gracie, hear me roar, uh oh, wtf?

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