gayeld (gayeld) wrote,

Hey! Look at me! Look at me!

Okay, I admit it, unless LiveJournal actually delivers the replies to my mailbox, I'm not really good at noticing when people comment on my posts (I'd love to use the four kids/new house/new job excuse, but let's face it, I started slacking off long before the house plans, the job is over two years old [as is the youngest child].)  So it's taken me over a month to notice that my stalker is back, and apparently believes that my, I'm not going to say *love,* maybe fondness? of classic 70s music (that's what I'm calling it!) is a sign of low self-esteem.  Or, I don't know, something.

I find this incredibly amusing coming from someone who apparently keeps virtually jumping up and down screaming "Look at me! Look at me!"  Or I would, if only my mommy would allow me. *snicker*

Also, I need to keep bigger hair rubber bands at my desk.
Tags: can't prove i'm related, idiot, livejournal

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