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The Mist
gross, Monster

Oh my God! I cannot believe how bad that movie is.  I mean, I heard it was bad and I certainly don't expect a lot from Stephen King novels, but this has to be the worst one I've seen.  

In the special features Stephen King and the director are talking like they've just done something wonderful together.  Did they not see the finished product?  Or any of the product?  *shudder*

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I don't have to put it under a cut, right?

As I understand it the book's ending was ambiguous, but no one died. The father (I've already wiped my brain of character names) fiddles with the radio and hears some static/voices and then fade to black. I haven't read it for myself, but I went looking for spoilers/endings to the book and that's what I found on IMDB.

I can see the comparison to your Grandma.

Well, I can't say I'd've been thrilled with the book ending, but it's about 1000% better than the movie ending.

Nice icon. *g* Pretty boy.

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