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Land Shark
Mini me

Doorbell, doorbell, doorbell.  Don't forget you need to find a doorbell.

Somehow that never makes it onto any of my lists.

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Thanks! Somehow I keep forgetting that.

Wanna pick it for me? I kicked-ass on the front porch light, but my decision making powers are waning.


Oooh, I like that!

And thanks, but I still have to pick out a bird bath (thanks, Irene). Which you wouldn't think would be so complicated.

Oh no, trust me, at this point I totally get it.

Months late, I know, but I do finally have a doorbell. Although, not without a lot of trial and tribulation. As if picking one out wasn't trauma enough, Randy forgot to have the low-voltage guy install it, so had to do it himself. Spent hours trying to get it installed, called the company that made it, went over everything with them. Repeatedly.

Turned out the doorbell was a dude. They had to send a new one. Worked as soon as he installed it.

Now you hear "BANG! BANG! BANG! Master, someone's at the door!" every time it's rang. For now.

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