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Yeah, it's white, but is it too white?
Plot bunny
So, the official winner of the "Gayle has to pick a white for the walls" contest is Behr "Off-white" (1873.) It looks more bone to me. But more importantly, it's not bright glaring white and it's not brown (sorry Randy and Chela, but I just can't handle the idea of "Parisian Taupe" on all the walls and ceilings. Frankly, if never see another colored ceiling I can die happy.)

Girl, the elder, has decided against having colored walls in her bedroom. I was going to having them painted lavender as a surprise, but Grandma thought we should let her pick a color. She picked white. *pout*

The twins, on the other hand, would like one wall purple, one maroon, and either a third wall or the ceiling Kelly green. Yeah, no, I'm not having anything Kelly in my house. They're getting white also. But Grandma is going to paint colorful confetti on their walls (thank God someone in the family has some artistic talent, but I have none.)

However, Randy (who I mostly adore) is going to tape off and paint a great big chalkboard in the playroom! Yay!

So, now that the paint colors are settled and bathroom fixtures are bought, I only need to:

Find one 60" single sink vanity for Master Bathroom (I found two [cute] 60" vanities on clearance at the Merced Home Depot for $107 each. Randy's still in shock over that find.)

Two porch lights (I think it's two and not three.)

Four more ceiling fans (I actually have three already.) One of which has to be outdoor rated for the courtyard.

Tile. Probably white subway for all the places that need it, with a little bit of black detailing.

Flooring. Ugh. This is shaping up to be as bad as the white paint. Chela keeps veering off the road to everytime we pass a flooring place.

Kitchen sink and faucet.

I think I'll stop now, I'm starting to get exhausted just thinking about it.

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Oh gods, the search for the perfect white ... *twitch* We painted the den "white" last year. My mother is incapable of making decisions *normally,* but you turn her loose in the paint department at Home Depot and ... oh my gods.

I think I texted Mitchy from Home Depot begging her to shoot me.

I am so sorry.

Normally, I don't have that hard of a time making a decision. But back when Emily was moving in, I painted that Pepto Bismal Pink bedroom Polar Bear, which turned out to be bright blinding white and I've been twitchy about white ever since. And there are just so MANY of them.

Should I ask what shade you painted it, or would that just bring back bad memories? (As if the mention of Emily hasn't already done that. *g*)

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