gayeld (gayeld) wrote,

*sticking fingers in ears*

Oh God, oh God . . .  *rocking back and forth* Someone make her stop! 

Mom found John on and she won't stop reading his profile to me. *twitch* I don't want to know that his interests include "meeting new people."  I don't even want to know the who/how/why on how he's suddenly a widower (but I'd bet she killed herself to get away from him.) I just want my mother to stop reading it out loud and laughing everytime I cringe or bang my head against the desk. *twitch*

Oh, that's nice. Now she's giggling and asking me "Don't you have the same dream as every other kid, that your parents will get back together some day." Umm, no!

1.  Not my parent anymore. I have the adoption papers and the amended birth certificate to prove it. *scowl* And he better have discovered another kid, 'cause he's got listed that he has eight children and that count better not include me. *waves legal documents in the air*

2. He's so damn terrified of my mother he pees his pants at the mention of her name (go Mom!)

3. He's almost as afraid of me. *pats self on back*

4. I honestly can't even picture them in the same room, let alone wrap my brain around the concept of them together. Hell, I can't even remember seeing them in the same room.

I have to go pour bleach in my brain now.

Tags: can't prove i'm related

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