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There's a hole in my house
Oh crap

I feel like one of those people who live on the edge of a sinkhole.

First they came for my garage, and I cheered.

Next they came for my backporch, and I was surprised.

Then they came for my laundry room and I was concerned.

Now the overhead light in my kitchen is gone.  How far behind can the rest of the kitchen be?

Randy's having way too much fun tearing the house apart, everytime he's got this excited little boy gleam in his eye while he's explaining what has to go next.  Meanwhile, the house is disaster, I'm getting rid of things I used to think I needed left and right (but not fast enough) and I'm apartment hunting.  Ugh.

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Who's Randy & why is he destroying your house?

Contractor. Remodeling.

BIG remodeling.

I'm with Jenni...'splain, please.

See above. *g*

Randy is the contractor who is adding another 1400 square feet to my house.

Wow! 1480 sf! That's amazing. It's also more square footage than my entire California house!

Is the addition going out to the back, all one level, or are you building up? This is very exciting! You'll have plenty of room for everyone!

We're going straight out back (although it's on a raised foundation like the rest of the house.) The house will be about 2650 sq ft when it's all done.

Turns out, 2650sf isn't nearly enough room for all our stuff. Two months later and we've still got boxes all over the place, the attic stuffed and things still in the storage unit.

How did we get so much stuff?

Life. Life comes with a bunch of stuff.

I want to see pictures!

You will, as soon as we get the shutters painted and installed. It's amazing how much better the outside of the house looks, even with the huge mess that the yard is.

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