gayeld (gayeld) wrote,

There's a hole in my house

I feel like one of those people who live on the edge of a sinkhole.

First they came for my garage, and I cheered.

Next they came for my backporch, and I was surprised.

Then they came for my laundry room and I was concerned.

Now the overhead light in my kitchen is gone.  How far behind can the rest of the kitchen be?

Randy's having way too much fun tearing the house apart, everytime he's got this excited little boy gleam in his eye while he's explaining what has to go next.  Meanwhile, the house is disaster, I'm getting rid of things I used to think I needed left and right (but not fast enough) and I'm apartment hunting.  Ugh.

Tags: more money, need more gadgets, new toys, uh oh, wtf?, yard

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