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I don't think you're doing it right when you spam people trying to get them to click on a link for something (a drug, I presume,) and they don't have the foggiest notion what that is.

I could probably look it up on the internet (it's not like I'm not obviously here,) but I found it more entertaining to look up the Spammer's IP address (somewhere in the Ukraine.) 

Then I followed that up by looking up the IP address the person I'd never heard of who friended me on LJ and then about a week later wanted to know if I knew two sisters by the name of Kelly and Cassia Collier. (Somewhere in Iraq.  Too bad I deleted all of Kelly's messages, because I think she mentioned someone was going to Iraq.)

Gee, no, never heard of them.  And I totally believe that it's just a coincidence that you just happened to create a brand new LJ account and go searching for reference to my darling, deeply loved, (totally legally not related to me! *waves adoption papers*) half-sisters just after dear, sweet (obviously off her medication) KC (not from KC) happened to send me a bizillion facebook messages in the middle of the night.

Can you block someone on LJ like you can on FB?

I have Safety Training in 10 minutes. I makes me cranky.

Tags: bored, can't prove i'm related, chocolate, family, i hate my sister, siblings

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