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You know, I was never a girly-girl, myself. I ran around barefoot out in the country and played in a fort that was big whole in the ground, chased (and sometimes caught) lizards, went out with mason jars to catch tarantulas in the spring on the first sunny day after a big rain.  My fondest Barbie memory? Pulling them to the top of the townhouse in the elevator and letting Barbie crashdown and come flying out.  So, why, oh why, do I want so badly to dress my helpless toddler like this:

I really, really LOVE this dress, but Princess Grace is showing every sign of being a TomGirl, just like her big sister (yeah, okay, and her Mommy.) I just don't want to think about what the dress would look like five minutes after I put it on her.
Tags: awesome, family, gracie, new toys

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