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My job is seriously soul suckingly BORING right now.  This new accounting system doesn't work right, no one has any training (and God forbid you ask for any,) the manuals they've handed out included steps we shouldn't be taking, but forget to point out critical steps.  Plus, it likes to overwrite your data with fields that were informational only in the old system and even when you manage to get something in, you can't tell where it's posted so you have no idea if you did it right or not.

The upshot of this is that my boss is (very rightfully) extremely leary of having us enter anything into it, which leaves us (and most of the rest of the division) twiddling our thumbs and trying to stay awake at our desks.

I think even Grace is getting tried of my continually popping up at the daycare (I'd probably be there now, bugging the kids, but it's nap time,) looking for something to do.

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They removed that from our computers.

If they'd only let me go to EBay, I'd be too busy getting in debt to care if I had anything to do.

As it is, I'm so bored right now I'm volunteering to do other people's work.

I meant with an actual deck of cards. :-P

Huh. There's a thought. I wonder if I still have one.

(Deleted comment)
Either you're completely insane (you're obviously immature either way) or LJ is posting comments wrong, since I have no idea why my entry about our sucky new accounting system has your knickers in a twist.

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