gayeld (gayeld) wrote,

About a gate

I just installed my third baby gate between the dining room and the kitchen.

The first one was made by lying liars with lied about it being pressure mounted. I'm not hiring a carpenter to install a baby gate.

The second one didn't make it through a weekend with the twins.

Thank God, this one's looking like a keeper. I like it well enough that I'm going to look for it online with extensions (I bought it at Goore's, a very expensive baby store in town, where you can test them before you  buy them. Worth every penny of the extra $15 I paid for it. But not so worth it that I want to do that twice and buy four or five extentions at their price. *g*)

Plus, Grace is currently in love with the box (which is flat as a pancake but makes lots of cool noises when she rubs her hands on it or bangs things into it.)

Tags: gracie

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