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it's the thought that counts?
Mini me
What, exactly, is the point of virtual gifts? Why would I, or you, want pretend balloons (or sparkly unicorns that shoot rainbows out of their asses?) Especially when they cost real money? I'd rather have the $0.99.

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LOL! While I don't see the point of them, for you I would be willing to part with my hard earned $0.99 so you can have the biggest, sparkliest unicorn with two rainbows shooting out of it's ass to show up all those junior high snobs!

Seriously, though, I just don't get the point. If I want a picture of balloons, I can make myself an icon of them. Or steal someone else's (someonelse's?)

Ah, thanks for the virtual (in your head) unicorn! See, I appreciate the thought just as muchg as the icon.

I guess it's just a way for LJ friends to give each other gifts? I use the P.O. myself:)

I prefer a gift that either has last value (or you can eat,) virtual -- not so much.

There are fewerr calories in virtual, though.

Less taste to go with it, though.

If only taste great/less filling was actually true. *sigh*

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