gayeld (gayeld) wrote,

About time?

My mother is doing the "about bloody time" dance at the moment because I finally got off my ass (hey, it's not like I was reachable on the list until recently, anyway, and I refuse to discuss my study habits, or completely lack there of regarding the test) and went got myself a promotion to Senior Accounting Officer. It's still hush-hush at work, because my future boss has to talk with the employee in her unit she didn't promote (who she says is very sweet and she feels bad about not promoting)AND with the person who certifies the list that she kind of went around to hold interviews and make me the offer.

Personally, I just want the more money. Okay, and I like the person I'm going to work for and I'm going to be back in OFAA, which I kind of missed.

OMG, I'm going to be on probation again. I'll have to behave for six months. I'm not sure I'm able.
Tags: hell, more money

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