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Buttercup, baby!
Mini me

Halleluiah! (This looks wrong, but MS Word insists it's right.)

I bought a freakin' car.  It's a 2007 Ford Focus (sedan.) Kiwi Green, (For those of you sensing a trend, yes, this is my second small, green Ford.  Apparently I have a preference.  Who knew?) We have named her Buttercup (after the Powerpuff girl!)

Maeson and the twins think it's the fanciest car they've ever seen (which tells you more about the state of the cars in our/their family than Buttercup.)

The windows aren't tinted, but I have been assured by multiple used car salesmen (all of whom were trying to sell me cars with untinted windows) that it's easy to have done and won't turn out like all those ones I see bubbling off windows everywhere.

And it plays MP3 discs! Which may not seem like a big deal in these days of cars you can plug you MP3 player into, but Barq (the van) has an MP3 disc changer that I've missed desperately. No more driving down 99 searching through Spanish/Country/Spanish/Spanish/Religious/Country/Spanish trying to find anything to listen to that will last longer than half a song (because the boogie-bitch and/or her-ex-idiot snapped the antenna off Kermie when they locked the keys in it.)

AIR CONDITIONING (okay, so Kermie had A/C, I just couldn't use it) and a working radiator! No more driving around with the heater going full blast on a 110 degree day!

Mom thinks I decided to buy it when I saw the picture on the internet, because it was small, green and cute. I actually decided to buy it when I released I was chatting with the salesman and driving with one hand, instead of clinging to the steering wheel and watching everything around me paranoidly.  Being green was just a big bonus!

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Proof that it is actually easy being green!

Hee! Congrats on the new shiny! Enjoy :)

Thank you! I'm sure that you understand completely the relief I'm feeling right now. *g*

Ooooh yes :) *cuddles her own shiny new car*

A bit late, but congratulations!

Thank you! Sounds like I may have a baby to put in it by Monday afternoon.

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