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Ooooh, they had a bomb scare at the post office a block from my work Okay, so technically, they have a couple of them a year. But usually we find out about them after the fact (when the facilities people send out an email saying "Everything's fine now" without ever telling you what was wrong.) 

But this time I found out while I was on my way to the post office to mail a letter.  I saw the Bomb Squad truck and two guys in massive protective suits (with helmets that looked like they belonged on an Astronaut) and a ROBOT! Yes, the robot did nothing but stand on the truck, but I don't care because it was a Bomb Retrieving ROBOT and I got to see it.

There was also a cranky woman with a gun. But I stopped bothering her after I noticed the gun. *nodding sagely*

Tags: hell, uh oh, wtf?

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