October 15th, 2012

Mini me

What shade of grey is the human brain?

Motherhood is slowly, creepingly turning me into a cut-rate Martha Stewart (lots of good intentions, not so many skills.) So far this year, Chili Pepper mini-pinatas for Cinco De Mayo, paper mache goodie bags for the twins birthday sleepover (which they wore as hats after they were done tearing out the goodies,) paper mache pull-string pinata for the birthday party at the pre-school (I'm not giving baseball bats to 2-4 year olds.)

And now, Halloween.  We're going to let all three of the older kids invite four friends over for a party and I'm trying to perfect the Jell-O brain before party night.  The first one (strawberry lemon) was kind of mauve.  The second looks to be more greenish than grey (even though I started with mango Jell-O.)  I'm already starting to leaning toward a Zombie brain.  Dayglow green I can manage (what, I had a cocktail waitress as a roommate. I may or may not have come in contact with the occasional Jell-O shot.