September 6th, 2009

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Random TV stuff

I've been indulging in a lot of Netflix the past four weeks (mostly because it's something I can do one-handed [I've learned to do a lot of things one-handed.])  The number one thing I've learned is that I'm really sick of watching shit, but also:

Chuck - I like it, a lot. Not Supernatural levels of love, but definitely going on my watch list. Chuck and his sister are cute, Captain Awsome is awesome, Sarah has the perfect level of poorly hidden attraction to Chuck, and Adam Baldwin!!!!

Pushing Daisies - Cute (doesn't hurt that I worship Jim Dale,) but I'm pretty sure I could/will get really sick of that whole "undying love but we can't touch or one of will die" crap really damn fast.

True Blood - Victoria said I'd love this. That should have been my first clue. While Vic and I have, on several occasions, liked the same show (she loves Supernatural and when we were roommates the one time we could all be guaranteed to be in the same place was when 90210 was on [actually, we told our problem roommate that she had to move out during a commercial break of 90210. I can still see Robin and Victoria's "deer in headlights" expressions when I turned the volume down and told Stephanie we had to talk.]) However, never has Victoria recommended a show I didn't already watch that I turned out to like. This was not an exception. Wow, this show really and truly sucks

Leverage - I started watching this show for Timothy Hutton (who does not disappoint,) but God I love Christian Kane, Aldis Hodge and  Beth Riesgraf. Elliot, Hardison and Parker rock. (Okay, so techincally I also started watching it for Christian because I loved him on Angel.)

Supernatural - I just started rewatching season 1 from the beginning and the CW sucks! God, I forgot how much I missed all the awesome music in it (Yes, the boys are hot, the stories are cool and fun to watch, but that still holds true through season four [and hopefully beyond.]) Cheap penny-pinching bastards.

Now I must go wash bottles and enjoy my few remaining moments of having the use of both hands.