July 27th, 2009

Mini me

I totally paused!

Tonight was my last swim class for the summer semester (and foreseeable future. *g*) I'm so glad it's finally OVER and I miss Theresa even more. The people I was sharing a lane with were all really nice, but they had no concept of how to share a lane (Theresa never woud have allowed passing in the middle of the lane) or that you're supposed to keep going until the end of a set. Every single person (in both lanes I swam in) would just stop at the end of the lane and hang out. This makes a little difficult for the next person to make their turn and keep going, especially if you don't know if the person standing there is just getting ready to kick off the wall or is going to hang out for another ten minutes and chat with the person in the next lane.

The fact that they were all really nice just made it worse because I didn't have heart to snap at any of them and tell them to get the hell out of my way. *sigh*