June 11th, 2009

Mini me


I went out in the backyard (after dutifully walking the dog) and there was a tree in my driveway (okay, fine, not an entire tree, just a very large limb off of my neighbor's tree.) After going over and letting Karen know about it and volunteering to help her get the part that was still hanging in mid-air down, she asked me if I wanted to use her chainsaw to do it.  *blink*  * blink*  She's been my next-door neighbor for ten years and she has to ask if I want to use the chainsaw?

Of course, I want to use the God-damn chainsaw. When have I ever NOT wanted to play with a chainsaw when the opportunity arose?

Especially when it's on the end of a pole over your head.

Tomorrow night I'm gonna use it on the part in my driveway. *giggle*