March 13th, 2009

Mini me


So, Monday, I was totally in love with my DVR. As usual, I totally forgot about the first episode of Dancing With The Stars, but my DVR did not. This is the first time I've seen the first ep, got to watch everybody dance (Denise Richards is just scary, really. But the naked guy from that show I never watched -- Oh. My. God. *fanning self*)

But last night? Right now I want to take the damn thing out and smash it to little pieces. It froze up, for the SECOND TIME this season, during Supernatural. You know, the show I'm completely in love and obsessed with. The one that is the only reason I went out and got cable (and thus the DVR,) again.  And when it freezes like that, it's not just that it isn't taping the show, it freezes the whole damn cable box, so I can't get anything and I'm left scrambling trying to unhook things and switch them around and maybe get the signal back.

So, I missed about 15-20 minutes in the middle of the episode I've been waiting impatiently for since I read the episode sides back in late December. The one that was already pushed back 5 weeks because they moved February sweeps to March. The one I stayed home for, instead of driving to Merced after the play* yesterday. *kicking DVR repeatedly* But I'm sure it will tape Dollhouse just fine tonight. *scowl*

* Avenue Q - This won a Tony? Seriously? Why? It's not that there weren't a few entertaining moment, but that's all there were. Every funny bit was stretched so far that you could see through it. Seriously, a Tony?