September 10th, 2008

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We had the OAP (Office of Accounts Payable) Year-End picnic today. And, aside from the fact that they bought sandwiches instead of having bar-be-que, it was vastly superior to all of the OFAA (Office of Financial Accounting and something else that starts with an A) Year-End picnics I have been to.  There were no name tags, no enforced group activities, the safety meeting was blessedly short.  Best of all, it was at the park three blocks from my house (which apparently all of the managers thought was in the ghetto. *rolling eyes*)  I left at 2:23 and was home by 2:25.  I'm going to base all of my future positions withing Hell on where that Office is having their year-end picnic. *nodding sagely*
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Mini me

Out of the Woods

Disclaimer: Does anything here actually look like it belongs to me?

Author's Notes: Written using fabulous prompts from art_savage  during the Supernatural Gen Fic Exchange. Takes place after Born Under a Bad Sign. I hate exposition. Title and summary taken from Stephen Sondheim, but no big bad wolves were harmed in the making of mine. I tried to work in a combination of the following prompts: Dean and Bobby bonding, preferably in the context of a hunt; some kind of lost-in-the-woods scenario; bonus points if you can work in, at any point, Bobby calling the boys "idjits."

Much love to my Beta, Keri, who was elbows deep in zining and con plans, but still took the time to check this over for me. I don't deserve her, but I'm not giving her back.

Summary: Takes place after "Born Under A Bad Sign." Into the woods and out of the woods. 

Out of the Woods
by Gayle

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