July 21st, 2008

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Vanishing Acts

*scratching head* I seem to have lost my Beta (one is working on her zines and the other, appropriately enough for this fic, seems to have vanished,) so this is unBetaed and all error reports will be gladly welcomed. Especially if they're of the punctuation variety, because I really suck at that.

Disclaimer: Not mine. Not Maeson’s. Eric’s. Bummer.


Spoilers: Let’s just say Season One and go with that.


Author’s notes: For my niece, Maeson, who turned to me near the end of Salvation and said “Where’d the demon go?” Good question.  Here’s an answer.



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Mini me

Isn't That Weird?

Betas are still missing (not a big surprise given that it's only an hour later,) so the same rules apply, if you see a mistake, please let me know.  Oh, and this one, so not my usual style of writing. Generally I prefer a little action and some description to go with my dialog, but this is the way Jess told it to me. *shrug* Who am I to argue?

Disclaimer: *sigh* Whatever, not mine. Never will be. No, I'm not pouting. *pout* 

Anything that’s aired is fair game (although, in this case, we can safely go with only the pilot.)

Author’s notes:
Kripke so didn’t look at a calendar when he wrote the pilot. *cringe* For the purposes of this fic, I’m going with his version of reality. Also, this is so note my usual style, but Jess seemed to prefer it this way.

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