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Mow, mow, mow your yard . . .
Yard, Weeds

. . . day two of the annual Spring Mow-a-thon and I wish somebody would explain to me, in a way that makes sense, why I thought it was a good thing to have yard that's over 1/3 acre.  There's a weed back there that's actually taller than me.  We'd lose Jenni if she went back there.

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They look kind of like clover, only with STICKERS. Nasty, sharp, painful stickers.

I need a landscaper. Someone who will make my yard drain into the new neighbor's out in back (they've been throwing their cigarette butts in my yard. I am not amused.) If they don't watch it next year I'd going to put a big mosquito pond out there (it's a block from my actual house. I'll plant cintronella in between.)

Good luck with the bamboo. I remember how it took over the canal by our house when I was a kid.

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