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Oh Joss

I just finished watching the third episode of Dollhouse and... Umm, yeah... *scratching head* I'm not sure what to say except "What the fuck?" I don't think I've ever been disappointed in anything Joss  Whedon did before. The first two episodes were just boring (and I don't think Eliza is very good at pulling off that wide-eyed innocence act.) I don't think I would have watched past the first episode if this were anyone other than Joss.

But the third episode? Yeah, that one just stunk. Seriously, could it have been more cliched?  The poor, misunderstood star, who just wants to be free of her worries and obligations.... *striking Camille pose and fluttering down to the sofa* I kind of want to go be sick now.

How can this be from the same man that brought us "Dr. Horrible?" I mean, yeah, he ripped my heart out and stomped on it at the end of that, but it was worth the stomping. With this he just... *shrug*
Tags: joss whedon, tv, wtf?

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