gayeld (gayeld) wrote,

Milky white*

For the last week or so, we've had beautifully sunny weather. You know the kind that looks warm and wonderful while you're sitting indoors and then turns out to be bitter cold when you're foolish enough to go outside? But this weekend, the temperature actually caught up with it's advertising.

Enough so that I went outdoors in a tank top (okay, fine, that had something to do with my being lazy and putting on my dirty workout clothes instead of picking them up, but whatever,) and Oh. My. God. my cleavage is white. Like snow blind anyone who looks in my direction white (and yet, still with the freckles.)

I know I must have gone outside at some point last year, but right now Mia looks to have more color than I do. It's just embarassing for a California girl.

*Yes, I may have watched "Into the Woods" one time too many.

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