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Proof God hates me
Oh crap
*snort* I swear to Gladys, timing is freakin' everything.  Work loads blah, blah, blah, 14% increase in this of which 75% is that, blah, blah blah . . .   

I'm being rotated.  Again.

Did I mention the again?  As in for the fourth time since I worked in this particular hell.  But at least I'll get to dump half my work load and I'm told it's because my new supervisor refused to take either of the other two possibilities. Can't say I blame her on one of them, but the other is very nice.

Now guess who my new supervisor is going to be. *hiding stapler* Go on, guess.


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Oh gods, not whatshername? They psycho bitch you transfered to get away from last year??

*shudder* *twitch*

Oh God, thank you for putting that in perspective. No, I'm not going to work for her (and I hear she's had two lawsuits filed against her since I got out of Dodge,) or either of the two supervisors who aren't allowed to speak to me (psycho-magnet me.)

Nope, just Mandy - the stapler stealer. Wait until Chela finds out. She still hasn't forgiven Mandy for marrying her fantasy man.

Re: *shudder* *twitch*

Oh, well, THAT you can handle. Just set out several empty decoy staplers.

Re: *shudder* *twitch*

*snork* I was just thinking of making myself a pouch for carrying it and keeping it on myself at all times. But decoys could work too!

Too bad there are only ten different locks on the cubicles here (I'm pretty sure I've moved enough to have one of each by now.) Not to mention, in the far distant past, I've been known to pick these locks with a bent paperclip.

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