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Mini me
The temperature of Dothraki soup.

I need a new book.

Sacrifices must be made
Mini me
Ritualistic sacrifice, family style.  BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Every time I walk through the door with a watermelon now, I get harassed about what it's going to be, instead of when are we going to eat it.

Mini me
You just don't value clean hair enough until you break a limb and aren't allowed to shower for a week.  (Almost) one down, seven more to go.

Also, Saran Wrap is the best thing EVER.

Finishing touch!
Mini me
I finally got my screen door (okay, security screen, whatever.)  I've only been waiting three years for this door! I bought a porch light to go with the door I wanted, but when we got down to the wire on the remodel, I had to sacrifice my door (temporarily) for the sake of other stuff.

Just look at my gorgeous door (and my beautiful daughter):


Check out the porch light while you're at it.  I really did have a plan:


Mini me

I think I need a bad fic intervention. I know there's a list somewhere along the lines of "I will stop reading when...." but I seem to have lost sight of it.  Also, there's a LOT of really bad Once Upon A Time Fic out there.  Not to mention the sheer number of shipping wars in that fandom.

For the record, I am currently shipping:

Outlaw Queen (especially after last night)
Captain Swan

Whatever they want to call Anna/Kristoff.  Ice Princess?  Troll boy and the Spare?  Whatever, they're just as cute on OUaT as they were in the movie.

I was "The Charmings" but I'm a little (lot) irritated with Snow at the moment. Both for her reactions to Emma and her grouping David with her in that "We" messed up comment. There wasn't any we in that, it was all you Snow.  That mother of the year award should be coming any time now.  Of course, she'd have to put Neal down to accept it, so she's probably refuse it anyway.

Not a huge fan of Rumbelle, mostly because Belle is kind of an idiot, but I do love that Rumple is starting to embrace is his Darkside wholeheartedly. Baelfire is dead, he has Belle, nothing to keep him on the straight and narrow or make him strive to be good anymore.  DUN DUN DUN.

On a side note, I've currently assimilated 66% of my household into the Doctor Who fandom.  I realize my mother is a lost cause, but in another couple years I should have the five-year old on board, as well.

Also, allergies suck. *yawn*

Have I mentioned...
Mini me

I hate wasps.

13,000 on the way home from the Exploratorium (around Fairfield.)

12,000 pulling into the Arden Faire parking lot on my way to the Disney store where I scored an Elsa costume for someone's fifth birthday. Did the infamous drawing and everything.

I really hate wasps.

11,111 (no really) on the way home from swim lessons at the Y.

11,000 on the way to swim lessons at the Y.

*scratching leg* Wasps really suck.


Dear Employer
Mini me
Please fix the network (and my ability to access the printers) or the accounting system (and my ability to make post transfer and make adjusts, you know the main part of my work.)  I am BORED and the novelty has worn off.


The Person You Are Paying $5600 a month to sit around and twiddle her thumbs.

Okay, bye.

You are my...
Mini me
I'm not sure I should mention this, since I have friends who have been living through the Snowpocalypse, but it is incredibly beautiful outside today. Very windy, but sunny and 71. Supposed to be 76 tomorrow.

The backyard is calling to me.

Or the park.

The zoo.

Predicted 78 Saturday and 79 Sunday.

Signs you might a parent
Mini me
The contents of your purse are one size 4 girls tankini, one size 8 (dirty) boys tank top, one pair of lavender socks with pink and yellow polka dots, two energy drinks and a Harry Potter wallet.

Dear Disney,
Well played. You win, again. Here's my credit card. Just send me one of everything from Frozen, okay?